Ron Anderson

Stephanie Anderson

Growing up, I battled with weight issues as a typical female sometimes does. Although I was always athletic and active I just didn’t know what foods to eat or what was healthy for my body. As a result, I was frustrated and tried anything I saw on television, in a magazine or whatever the hot new fad diet was. It wasn’t until I actually started researching proper nutrition & training that my physique really began to transform.

Since then, I’ve been dedicated to expand my knowledge in regards to effectively working WITH the body to build lean muscle & burn fat. I've also become an accomplished Bikini competitor with multiple wins as well as earning my Natural Pro Card in the PNBA. 

If you would like to discuss how I can help you reach your goals, feel free to contact me via email. I’m looking forward to helping you bring out your “inner sparkle”!



Leif Anderson
Have questions about training or nutrition? Leif provides solutions for your health and fitness needs, combining science with practical, real world experience. Whether it's Bodybuilding, Bikini, Figure or Physique, Leif has a proven client track record at every level of the sport. With well over 150 client Pro Cards earned, countless class & Overall wins, a World Championship win & numerous Pro wins including multiple Mr & Mrs Universe & Natural Olympia titles his individualized approach will yield unmatched results and help you truly reach your potential.

If you would like to speak with Leif about your fitness goals you can contact him at: 


Ron Anderson has been in the health and fitness industry for over 10 years & specializes in the combination of muscle confusion and flexible dieting to achieve his client's individual results. He believes that no two people are built the same and as a result their entire program must be designed specifically for them.

After a 25yr professional career in martial arts, 2 degrees and countless books and articles written, Ron is now a Natural Men's Physique Pro and the Founder and CEO of the entire Finetix Fitness Brand. He is here to better the world one person at a time and his motto for life is

“Be better today than you were yesterday and take as many people as you can with you.”

If you would like to speak to Ron about your fitness goals contact him at: